Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl Sunday has arrived, and for those fashion-forward sport fans, you must check out the customized football helmets created by members of the CFDA. Bloomingdale's and the CFDA joined together to support the NFL Foundation by auctioning off 48 designer helmets. The auction ends on February 4th, so hurry and place your bid. These haute couture helmets are the perfect compromise to adding style to any sports room. For more haute couture helmets, check out Fashion Touchdown Helmets.

As a Bears fan, I could careless who wins this Super Bowl game, but what I do care about are the 30-second commercials that cost around $4 million dollars, which averages to $133,000 per second. With over 100 million people expected to watch the Super Bowl game, it's no surprise the network can request such high prices for a commercial spot. While the game is on and you’re patiently waiting for the next commercial break, check out Bloomingdale's 30-65% off sale.

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