Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Michael Kors Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear

Who has the ability to make an A-line denim skirt chic, a jersey henley dress acceptable out of bed, and style cashmere sweats with a fur vest? But of course, the American contemporary designer, Michael Kors.

With minimal color throughout the collection with the exception of denim, the monochromatic outfits felt refreshingly clean. Certainly, the flowy floral dresses and python print added an uplifting element from all the grey and black. 

A key concept was reversing typical day and night looks to make the day more elegant and the night more relaxing. Why not wear a suede fringe skirt with a cable knit sweater and peacoat for a day at the office? Or wear silver sequined pants with an oversized white button up and black blazer for a night out? 

Photos Courtesy of & Vogue

Only Michael Kors can create luxurious wearable Americana clothes that makes us want to acquire the entire collection each season.

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